She’s warm and compassionate, strong and authoritative, nurturing and reassuring, sassy, sexy, seductive, silly, bold and often times hilarious.

Whatever message you’re trying to send, Michele can deliver!

Michele provides voice over for commercial, narration, cartoon, animation and interactive media toys and games.

With a background in musical theatre, Michele has ample experience in taking and applying direction as well as using her voice to communicate to an audience.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for the past two decades, she has used her vocal skills to masterfully empathize with and elicit mental and emotional shifts in her clients. 

She is also a published author in addition to radio show personality where she enjoys entertaining her listeners with a delightful combination of wit, intelligence, and humor.

Michele lives in Orange County, California and is building her voice over empire with her cat, Groucho, by her side.

What you can expect

Michele is responsive and professional; a master at taking and applying direction.

Michele’s professional in home studio ensures your project will be completed in a timely manner. Don’t let the studio delay your project. Get your audio when you need it, so you can focus on what matters most- your clients.

Michele’s corporate status as New Paradigm Entertainment Group, LLC, provides the security of working with a true professional.

We can still astonish the Gods in humanity
And be the stuff of future legends
If we but dare to be real, and have the courage to see
That this is the time to dream the best dream of them all
— Ben Okri, Mental Flight


  • Studies animation, cartoon and interactive media with Lisa Biggs

  • Studied voice acting at Universal Voice Talent

  • Studied voice acting with Platis Production

  • Involved with musical theatre, played multiple parts in recent theatre production of “We Did It For You”

  • Vocal training with Stacy Pendleton

  • Actor training with Terra Tylor Knudsen